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Contact Us
We understand how important it is to deliver our services that continue to provide unparalleled values to our customers. Equally, we recognize the vital role our partners play in lifting up customer satisfaction. If you would like to make enquiries, give your valuable comments or become our business partners, please feel free to contact:

 OnePort Limited
Address:   9/F, Warehouse Building Phase I
Berth One, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3669 1407 (24 hours eRO registration hotline)
+852 3669 1406 (24 hours eRO customer service hotline)
+852 3101 8362 (24 hours eTR customer service hotline)
+852 3669 1402 (24 hours Port Security Charge - Payment System customer service hotline)
+852 3102 9000 (24 hours ECA customer service hotline)
+852 3669 1408 (24 hours Common Barge Platform customer service hotline)
Fax: +852 3101 8239

Comments & Complaints
We welcome comments from both customers and suppliers as they provide valuable feedback on our performance. Our complaint procedure is open to customers and suppliers. If you have any comments or complaints on our services or operation, please email to An independent officer will review your case and direct to relevant officer for follow up. Any information you give us will be treated in confidence.


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