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Our Services
OnePort Limited ("OnePort") was founded with the aim to strengthen the competitive position of Hong Kong as a logistics hub through providing information and related services. Our core business focuses on provision of application solutions.

Our Application Solutions
Adding values to the local logistics industry is central to our business values; our development directions are set to resolve inefficiencies caused by anachronistic & time-consuming business processes. We re-engineer conventional business processes based on concepts commonly employed in workflow management, event management, data integration and system optimization.

1. Booking Solutions
OnePort creates a standardized procedure for a sequence of events. The procedure is pre-defined where it begins with an appointment submission, followed by an application approval, an appointment confirmation and a notification.
 Berthing Requests and Container Declaration System
It allows local barge operators to submit barge berthing requests and container declarations on a unified platform which pre-defines the workflow. The 3-step approach begins with an application to be verified, followed by an approval process to be completed by the liner. It ultimately ends with a berthing arrangement to be scheduled by the terminal. With the introduction of the system, the time required for approval is substantially reduced. Transparency of each application improves and the handling capacity of each user is expanded.
 Empty Appointment System
The solution allows a shipper or his shipping agent to make an appointment for a liner-specific container with the terminal through the Internet or by phone where pick-up must be effected within three days. Making use of the system, shippers benefit from obtaining the container and seal numbers in advance for cargo declaration. At the same time, terminals and liners are able to make highly accurate forecast of empty demands to refine pickup arrangements.
2. Information Delivery System Solutions
The development concept centers on speed. Integrating an array of communications technologies into a pre-defined workflow, the system is able to deliver timely information to users. It further enables logistics community users to process and transmit information in an efficient manner.
 Electronic Terminal Receipt System
This solution helps to build a gigantic logistics community platform connecting terminals, liners, forwarders, shippers, trucking companies and quasi-government organizations into a network, with the ultimate goal to speed up the bill collection cycle. On this unified platform, every party is enabled to validate and pass on information; receipt and transmission can be initiated through the Internet or by phone.
 Terminal Zone Tracking System
This solution addresses the need of logistics companies by providing integrated service advising container status and import/ export related information. Operating efficiency is ultimately enhanced as users are enabled to monitor container status during the import/ export cycle. The system also caters to import and export a large volume of data by point-to-point EDI.
3. Billing and Payment System Solutions
This solution offers full-blown services to both payment recipients and payers. To payment recipients, the system serves as a payment collector and a central clearing agent. We collect payments from tens of thousands of payers and settle with several recipients. To the payers, it is a convenient payment gateway supporting a multi-channel payment network & a sophisticated billing system for multiple services.
 Multi-channel Payment Network
This solution enables five Kwai Tsing terminals to collect payments of port security charge from over ten thousands port users. Tailored to suit diverse payment mechanisms, the solution gives flexibility to users in choosing the desired payment methods. The first option is a fully electronic method which simply requires users to nominate corresponding containers through the Internet. Alternatively, a semi-electronic means is made available where users can settle charges by purchasing electronic coupons online. The last option is an ancillary option tailored to conventional users who prefer to make purchase of manual coupons in physical stores. On the technical aspect, the system employs barcode technology which allows speedy identification of coupon numbers and facilitates quick coupling with corresponding containers. Further, it supports both cheque payment and autopay.
 Central Clearing System
The solution builds a central clearing system for the five Kwai Tsing terminals. Based on both container gate-move data and individual payment records, the system processes the data, identifies all paid containers and carries out a monthly clearance and reimbursement exercise for each terminal. The capacity to handle massive data set is critical to the solution; around tens of thousands of transactions are handled every week.
 Consolidated Billing System
The solution generates a consolidated bill for business customers. A consolidated bill is an all-in-one statement which covers fees charged for multiple services. It is environmental friendly on one hand while it benefits business customers by minimizing their administrative works on the other. In addition, the solution supports both email and fax to dispatch statements, shortening delivery time and minimizing the risk of lost.
4. Data Integration and Interchange Solutions
Addressing the pressing need for effective data transmission among stakeholders of the logistic chain, OnePort develops an intermediary to provide a secure, stable and speedy data integration, exchange and storage services.
 EDI Data Processing Centre
The solution provides enterprises and their respective logistics partners with a cost-saving strategy to achieve efficiency in the long run. The centre is now connecting the three major Kwai Tsing terminals (namely HIT, MTL and CHT) with over 150 international shipping lines for the purposes of processing and exchanging operation data including vessel bookings, gate transactions, vessel schedule and container status. More importantly, the solution lays a solid foundation for future development of inter-terminal data processing in the long run. It would facilitate data analysis and provision of value added services specific to inter-terminal operations.
5. Fleet Management Solutions
Aiming at managing a large number of vehicles, the solution enables users to oversee fleet operation and monitor overall performance on real-time basis. Tractor drivers can instantly receive task instructions and retrieve information through the system.
 Inter-terminal Trucking System
Inter-terminal trucking service was designed for the five Kwai Tsing terminals for the purpose of relocating voluminous containers within the Kwai Tsing terminal zone. Inter-terminal Trucking Solution provides a unified platform which administers inter-terminal trucking and fleet management. Efficiency is boosted through optimizing trip arrangements and minimizing wasted trips. Further, real-time communications technologies are incorporated into the solution to enhance the speed of dispatching task instructions. The responsiveness to changing external factors is definitely an explicit advantage of this solution where trucking re-arrangements are simultaneously triggered.


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