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Trading and logistics industry is one of the four pillar industries in Hong Kong. Despite making a significant contribution in terms of both GPD and employment, the port of Hong Kong is struggling to remain efficient amid fierce competition by its neighboring ports, while facing ever-growing demands from customers for shorter lead times. To succeed, it is not enough to only rely on a few major players, but requires a high level of collaboration among all port users including liners, forwarders, terminal operators, shippers, truckers, etc.

The known causes hindering port efficiency are hefty documentary processes and lack of effective communications among port users. Seeing through these underlying problems, many visionary port authorities and port communities around the world - like Felixstowe, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Singapore - started developing port community systems decades ago, with the objective to safeguard the common interest of their respective port communities. These port community systems enable effective communications among stakeholders and avoid wasted efforts. Experiences at these ports have shown significant efficiency gains.

In Hong Kong, similar initiative was bought up by Kwai Tsing terminal operators including Hongkong International Terminals Limited (HIT), Modern Terminals Limited (MTL) and COSCO-HIT Terminals (Hong Kong) Limited (CHT) in an effort to safeguard Hong Kong's competitive edge. In February 2003, they founded OnePort Limited ("OnePort") with a view to strengthening the competitive position of Hong Kong as a logistics hub through provision of information and related services. Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited, which equally embraces the purpose of OnePort's establishment, later became one of the shareholders.

Since its establishment in 2003, OnePort has been serving the port community by providing electronic services tailored to operational needs. OnePort facilitates collaboration of various groups of port users by connecting them and helping them attune their complex operations processes. Overall efficiency of the industry is further enhanced by the establishment of OnePort's EDI centre which connects three major Hong Kong container terminals, a vast majority of shipping lines and a considerable number of freight forwarders. In 2015, OnePort supports a substantial number of registered customers including all Hong Kong container terminals, over 100 shipping lines, 24,000 shippers & freight forwarders, over 4,000 trucking companies and about 300 barge operators. These hard works lay a solid foundation for future development of the Hong Kong logistics industry.


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